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We Are What We Eat

Putting it simply, the human body is made up of and functions from our food:

Protein for growth, repair and healthy metabolism and is obtained from mainly meat, fish, lentils and eggs.

Carbohydrates for energy and obtained from mainly vegetables and fruit and grains

Fatty acids for insulation, hormone production, nerve protection and energy and obtained from meat, fish, nuts & seeds.    

Vitamins, Minerals and Phytochemicals – are co factors to help our body function and communicate, found mainly from vegetables and fruit.

These nutrients give us energy; help makes our structure, build our bones and muscles and creates our hormones which regulate how our body functions. If we do not provide our body with the good quality nutrition that it requires, it can have a long-term detrimental effect on our health and well-being.

Our body works as a whole but is made up of individual systems. These systems such as the cardiovascular, the digestive and so on, are made up from individual cells. These cells rely on nutrients such as glucose, oxygen, water, vitamins, minerals and Phytochemicals to develop and work successfully.  If we do not provide optimum nutrition for these cells this could mean our cells are not functioning to the best of their ability, times this by millions of dysfunctioning cells and the end result could create numerous different symptoms and chronic disease.                                                                       

Quite simply our body is like a car, if you put diesel into a petrol car, the car will not start or run smoothly.  Therefore what we eat has a direct impact on how we feel and our overall well-being.

Identification and correction of these imbalances will therefore bring your body back to balance and with time your cells will function to optimal level, therefore allowing you to become symptom free, feel re-vitalised and therefore bring you back to good health.


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